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How you can help

There are many ways you can help.

Donate – we can’t generate change for our community without resources to support the work we do – it’s that simple. The Progressive Public Health Alliance runs on a small amount of money garnered from our members, supporters and the community in line with our funding policy. Without your support we wouldn’t exist! You can donate directly here.

Fundraise – you can help by fundraising with your community to support the work of PPHA, from ‘take a break for cake’ fundraiser to a walkathon to a talent show – there are many ways you can get inspired and support our work. What better way to work towards getting universal healthcare and harm reduction!

Volunteer with us – We love our volunteers, and the work they do in supporting us is invaluable. If you want to help us in our mission there are a lot of benefits to volunteering with us. You can learn new skills, build your confidence and take advantage of the opportunities – we always look to mentor, train and support our volunteers giving them paid work whenever possible.

Partner with us – We work with a diverse range of people and partner organisations across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and if you have a research project, campaign or public health collaboration that aligns closely with our aims, together we can make a difference. By choosing the Progressive Public Health Alliance as your project partner, you can help to strengthen healthcare and harm reduction in the lives of the most disadvantaged in communities where you are based. You can view our partnership policy here.