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About Us

The Progressive Public Health Alliance is a collaboration that started in 2018, growing out of the struggle to achieve universal publicly funded access to health services and treatment for all Australians, and in particular, pioneering drug harm reduction programs.

We are driven by the decades long experience of our members in working with people and families affected by problematic drug use, smoking and alcohol abuse. The Progressive Public Health Alliance has been set up to achieve positive change in access to publicly funded healthcare and harm reduction.

We are a not-for-profit incorporated association based in Melbourne, Australia and we are funded by donations from our members and supporters. Progressive Public Health Alliance will not accept any funding or in-kind resourcing from industry or industry bodies in areas that it has involvement, weapons manufacturers, pharmaceutical, gambling, tobacco and alcohol companies.

We work across and Australia and our region, linking in with other progressive health organisations and movements who are committed to the same goals in their communities. Our members work with health professionals, carers, policymakers and the public to achieve our goals in providing universal healthcare, evidence based best practice in harm reduction and the detection, treatment and prevention of non-communicable diseases.

We have a governing board responsible for the direction and governance of the organisation, an executive officer and a small team of staff and volunteers who support our board.