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What we do

We speak out to make sure healthcare and harm reduction are publicly funded, accessible, evidence based and effective. We work with health professionals, carers, policymakers and the public to this end, giving ordinary community members a voice toward evidence based best practice.

We have been set up to achieve three key priorities:

  • Achieving universal publicly funded access to health services, testing and
    treatment for all Australians;
  • Developing evidence based harm reduction practice and policy in the
    prevention and treatment of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug harms; and
  • Strengthen evidence based practice and policy in detection, prevention
    and treatment of Non Communicable Diseases in our community.

This is a brief summary of our work – you can see our full Mission statement here

We value evidence and expertise, working toward our aims through research, collaboration and partnership with health professionals and researchers in our field. We share our evidence and findings with policy makers and the public to drive public awareness and achieve regulatory change and secure public funding for universal healthcare, harm reduction and stronger action on non-communicable diseases.

We work across Australia and our region, linking in with other progressive health organisations and movements who are committed to the same goals in their communities. We embrace the principle of ‘nothing about us without us’, and look to involve people of our communities, hearing their stories and
listening to their experiences as part of our advocacy.