Healthcare that works.
Healthcare that is needed.
Healthcare for all of us.

The Progressive Public Health Alliance is a collection of health professionals, researchers and public health advocates that advance health and community wellbeing by influencing policy and advocating for change.

We speak out to make sure healthcare is a right and not a privilege – and that healthcare and harm reduction is evidence based and effective. To do this we are pressing for change on three key priorities:

health acre

Achieving universal publicly funded access to health services, testing and treatment for all Australians

harm reduction

Developing evidence based harm reduction practice and policy in the prevention and treatment of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug harms

non communicable diseases

Strengthen evidence based practice and policy in detection, prevention and treatment of Non Communicable Diseases in our community

Harm Reduction: The proven path to saving lives and money

Dr Alex Wodak AM

Professor Geoff Gallop AM

Paul Healey, HACSU Vic Secretary

Fiona McLeod AO, Senior Counsel